Exploring the Divine and Majestic Kedarnath Temple: A Journey of a Lifetime

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In the Indian state of Uttarakhand’s Garhwal Himalayas stands the Kedarnath Temple which is also known as Kēdāranātha Mandira, a revered pilgrimage destination for Hindus. It is among Lord Shiva’s twelve Jyotirlingas and draws many followers yearly. An overview of the temple, its significance, history, and how to arrange a visit are all covered in this article.

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Kedarnath Temple’s past

The Mahabharata era is where the Kedarnath Temple’s long and illustrious history began. The temple was allegedly constructed by the Pandavas to appease Lord Shiva during the battle of Kurukshetra. Adi Shankaracharya constructed the temple current construction in the eighth century.

Directions to Kedarnath Temple

At 3,583 metres above sea level, the Kedarnath Temple is reachable by road, air, and train.

A. Using air

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, which is around 239 kilometres from Kedarnath Temple, is the closest airport. To get to Gaurikund, the trek’s base camp, from the airport, take a taxi or a bus.

A. By air

The Kedarnath Temple is easily accessible by road. From Uttarakhand’s major cities, one can take a bus or hire a taxi.

 C. By train

Rishikesh, which is 216 kilometres from Kēdāranātha Mandira, is the closest railway station. To get to Gaurikund from there, one can take a bus or a taxi.

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The Ideal Season to Visit

The months of May through June and September through November are ideal for visiting Kedarnath Temple. The trip to the temple is simpler and the weather is good during these months. However, because of the significant snowfall during the winter, the temple is still closed.

Trek to the Kedarnath Temple

The journey to Kēdāranātha Mandira is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that provides breathtaking Himalayan scenery. The walk is around 16 kilometres long and begins in Gaurikund. For those unable to hike, pony and palanquin services are also offered. It takes about 6 to 8 hours to reach the temple on foot.

Places to stay close to Kēdāranātha Mandira

There are many lodging choices nearby Kēdāranātha Mandira, ranging from cheap to luxurious. Camping, Dharamshala, and guesthouses are a few of the well-liked options. It is essential to make reservations in advance, especially during the busiest times of the year when space may be limited.

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Kedarnath Temple Rituals & Ceremonies

The intricate rituals and celebrations at the Kēdāranātha Mandira are well-known. There are various puja ceremonies held throughout the day, and the temple is open from 6 am to 3 pm. Rudrabhishek, Laghurudra, and Maha Shivratri are a few of the widely practised ceremonies. It is a good idea to check the temple schedule before making travel arrangements.


A trip to Kēdāranātha Mandira is not just a once-in-a-lifetime excursion but also a spiritual experience. Kedarnath Temple offers a distinctive fusion of culture, spirituality, and adventure, from the history and significance of the temple to the breathtaking Himalayan scenery. Kedarnath Temple is a must-see location in India whether you are a spiritual seeker or an adventure enthusiast. Royal Rover Holiday operates a Kedarnath tour package at an affordable cost. Book Now!

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