Shimla Manali Tour Package for Couple – A Romantic Escape into The Himalayas 

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Are you looking for a romantic escape with your partner? Do you wish to have the perfect honeymoon? We bet you can’t find a better place to celebrate your love and create memories than Himachal Pradesh. This serene and picturesque land has been a quintessential honeymoon destination for generations and continues to impress people even as Indians travel the world. Whether you are looking for the best Shimla Manali tour package for couples or the Kullu Manali tour package, we at Royal Rover Holiday have the best tour packages that will let you create memories for a lifetime. 

Himachal Pradesh is among India’s most beautiful places, known for its captivating beauty, pleasant weather, and rich cultural heritage. With picturesque mountains and lush green valleys, Himachal offers an ideal retreat for couples.  Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or to celebrate a momentous occasion, a tour to Himachal promises an unforgettable romantic experience.

A romantic escape to Himachal Pradesh has everything that couples can look for. Whether you wish to wander through the quaint streets of Shimla or soak in the breathtaking landscapes of Manali, there is no other place in India that promises as much of a tour soaked in love and creating memories, as the hill stations of Shimla, Manali, Kullu and Kasol. Here are some of the things you must look forward to during your romantic adventure to these places. 

Shimla: The Queen of Hills

Shimla is known as the Queen of Hills and the former Summer Capital of India lives up to its reputation every bit. Shimla is built atop seven hills – Inverarm Hill, Prospect Hill, Observatory Hill, Summer Hill, Bantony Hill, Jakhu Hill, and Elysium Hill. Each of these hills has a lot to offer for couples. Take lazy walks holding hands and or click pictures that you will treasure forever, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is hiding a gem in every corner. 

Shimla was one of the most important towns during the British Raj and you can find the colonial imprint all over it. The perfect blend of heritage and natural beauty makes it one of the most popular destinations for couples. While there are dozens of places you can visit on your trip, here are the must-visit places as part of our Shimla holiday package for couples. 

The Ridge and Mall Road

The Ridge and the Mall Road are the heart of Shimla and are thronged by travellers throughout the day. The Ridge is an open space offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The panoramic views of the Himalayas will stay etched in your memories for a lifetime. Next to The Ridge is the Mall Road, where the city comes to life as the sun sets. Spend your evenings and take a stroll along this road lined with souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Christ Church

It has stood tall for close to 170 years and is one of the oldest churches in North India. The major highlight of this church is its beautiful neo-Gothic architecture with its glass-stained windows and a clock tower. Christ Church is known for its serene ambience and the best place to be during a snowfall. 

Jakhoo Temple

Located atop Jakhoo Hill the Jakhoo Temple is a place of religious significance. According to the epic Ramayan, Lord Hanuman stopped here while searching for Sanjivani. It is widely visited by the locals as well as tourists. The panoramic views of Shimla and its surrounding hills is a plus for anyone visiting this place. Trek up to the temple following the ancient route and the climb is itself an adventure.

Rashtrapati Niwas

The erstwhile Viceregal Lodge is one of the most important buildings in the history of the subcontinent. It was once the summer home to the Viceroy of India and has stood witness to several important discussions and decisions in the history of India. Currently the summer home for the President of India. It is built in Jacobethan style and borrows inspiration from the castles in the Scottish Highlands. 


A Shimla holiday package for couples is incomplete without a visit to Kufri. Located 20 kilometres from Shimla, this resort hill station offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks. It is also a perfect place for adventure activities such as skiing and horse riding. While it is the perfect place to visit during the winter when there is snow all around, even during the summers it will impress you with its scenic view. 

Manali: The Valley of Gods

Also known as the Valley of Gods, Manali is one of the most beautiful places in India. While it is sold as part of the Shimla Manali tour package for couples, Manali on its own can offer you the romantic escape you are looking for. Located 245 kilometres from the state capital, the town is nestled in the Kullu Valley. There is a lot of you to do and see as part of our Manali trip package for couples. The place is known for its scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and adventure sports. If you wish to experience both relaxation and thrill, there isn’t a place better than Manali. Here’s what you must look forward to during your trip to Manali. 

Solang Valley

If you are looking for thrill and adventure during your tour, a visit to Solang Valley is a must. You can choose between different adventure activities including paragliding, zorbing, and skiing. Whether you are visiting the place during the summer or the winter, there is something to do. If not anything else, the stunning landscape is a good enough reason for experiencing Solang Valley.

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks. Located at an altitude of 3,978 metres, the Rohtang Pass is a hotspot for snow activities. The drive from Manali to the Rohtang Pass is a treat as you will find tall peaks and deep valleys throughout your journey. The stunning views of the snow-covered peaks and glaciers from Rohtang Pass offer you a mesmerising experience. 

Old Manali

A romantic holiday isn’t all about adventure activities, it is also about leisurely walks where the two of you can have your peaceful moments together. Old Manali offers you the perfect setting for such an experience for its rustic charm. Try the local cuisine in one of the several vibrant cafes and this relaxed vibe is perfect to unwind.

Hadimba Temple

This is perhaps the only temple in India dedicated to Hadimba Devi, the wife of Bhim according to Mahabharat. The temple is surrounded by a cedar forest and offers a serene environment and peaceful retreat. The ancient wooden temple has unique architecture. 

Kullu: The End of The Habitable World

Kullu derives its name from Kulant Peeth which translates to the end of the habitable world. It was once the last post of human habitation due to the adverse weather conditions beyond it. If you choose our Kullu Manali tour package, we will offer you the perfect experience of these majestic hills covered with pine and deodar forests. Here are some of the places you must have on your bucket list. 

Great Himalayan National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park is home to diverse flora and fauna, some of which is unique to this part of the world. Spread over an area of 1171 square kilometres, the park is unique as it has elevations ranging between 1500 and 6000 metres. It is home to the rare snow leopard, Himalayan brown bear, and blue sheep. Couples love this place as they can enjoy trekking and nature walks while exploring the pristine wilderness.

Raghunath Temple

Located in the heart of Kullu, this ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Raghunath (Lord Rama). It’s a significant pilgrimage site with beautiful architecture and a serene atmosphere. The temple is almost 400 years old and was built by Raja Jagat Singh in 1651. The architecture is a unique blend of Pahari and Pyramid styles of construction. 

Prashar Lake

A trek to the Prashar Lake should be on your list if you love adventure. The blue-water lake is surrounded by the Dhauladhar ranges. The breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges along the way is a sight to see. There is a local temple dedicated to Prashar Rishi and it offers you a unique sense of peace and tranquillity. 

Kasol: The Mini Israel of India

While booking your Kasol tour package from Delhi, you may have heard this place being referred to as the mini-Israel of India! Why so? This place is thronged by Israeli travellers throughout the year. This quaint village in the Parvati Valley offers you the isolated togetherness that you desire on a holiday. It’s a haven for backpackers and couples looking to relax and rejuvenate amidst nature. Along with the stunning landscapes and laid-back vibe, there are a few places that you shouldn’t miss out on in your Kasol tour. 

Chalal Village

A short trek from Kasol, Chalal Village offers you the most authentic feel of Himachal’s life. Spend time with the locals and understand the traditional lifestyle. The scenic trail and the quiet village atmosphere are perfect for a romantic day trip.

Parvati River

Drive to the Parvati River and the sights of this pristine river will leave you mesmerised. It originates from the Man Talai Glacier and the clear water gushing through the rocky terrain is quite a sight to see. The tall pine trees along the river create the perfect background for your romantic selfies.  

Tosh Village

Tosh is known for its stunning views and vibrant local culture. The trek to Tosh is amazing and offers you breathtaking vistas and a peaceful environment. Roam around the apple orchards and click your photographs with the wooden houses in the backdrop and you can’t ask for a better setting than this for a romantic vacation. 

While these are some of the most visited places in Shimla, Manali, Kullu and Kasol and part of our tour packages, there are dozens of other places to visit. At Royal Rover Holiday, we offer custom tour packages and let you choose the places you want to visit and the activities you choose for yourself.

Important Tips for A Memorable Himachal Tour Package for Couple

  • Plan Early – Warmer months, especially between March and June see maximum tourism activity in Shimla and Manali. Make your bookings in advance, especially if you are planning to travel during the busy season. 
  • Pack Wisely – Temperatures can drop at night even during summer. Pack warm clothing as you will need them. 
  • Local Cuisine – Don’t miss out on trying the local cuisine in Himachal. You will treat yourself to the perfect blend of Indian and Tibetan cuisines. 
  • Safety: If you are planning to indulge in adventure sports, always keep safety in mind. Follow the safety tips as advised by the instructors.
  • Relax and Unwind: Take time to relax and enjoy each other’s company amidst nature. Don’t overburden yourself on the tour and end up with a hectic experience. 

Shimla, Manali, Kullu, and Kasol offer you the perfect blend of romance, adventure, and tranquillity. All these make them the ideal destinations for couples. At Royal Rover Holidays we have the best Shimla Manali tour package for couples, a Kullu Manali tour package, and Kasol tour package from Delhi. Whether you are newlyweds or celebrating an anniversary, a trip to these hill stations with Royal River Holiday will undoubtedly add a magical touch to your relationship. 

We have earned a strong reputation for being the first-choice travel and tour operator for couples visiting Himachal Pradesh. Whether you are booking your trip from Delhi or any other part of the country, we offer you the best travel deals. 

Book Your Himachal Adventure Today! We have packages starting at Rs. 16999/person. Call us now at +91-9805252033 or email and let Royal Rover Holidays offer you the perfect romantic escape. Hurry up, plan now and let us help you create memories for a lifetime.  

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